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Fees & FAQ’s

1. Where do you live?

… the River District (south-east corner of Vancouver) in a condo near the Fraser River.

I still keep a storage locker and use my time off working toward a somewhat minimalist lifestyle with just the things that I love or believe to be useful. (paraphrasing William Morris from over 125 years ago)

2. How much do you charge?

… $65 to $100 per day depending on what’s involved (how many animals?) and does your cat really hate the medication it needs every 12 hours? or do you have a puppy that has to go outside every 15 minutes or it pees all over the place?… well, everything’s negotiable, so let’s talk.

3. Do you require a deposit?

… yes, a 50% deposit will hold your dates, and the balance is appreciated on the day I start.

4. Do you stay in my house/apt. or take my dog/cat to your home?

… I now prefer to stay in my own home, but it can be arranged to stay at yours if it’s a shorter booking.

5. Will you travel to the Islands or out to the suburbs?

… it’s possible, but I’d really like to get more bookings for my own home.

6. Do you have a car?

… yes, I now have an older electric car that has a fairly small battery, so it helps to have a place to charge it if I’m pet-sitting at your home.

7. Do you eat my food and look through my drawers?

… I’ll use perishables (especially if you’re away for a week or more) but I’ll bring/buy my own food*. As for the drawers in the kitchen, I will probably open them because I’ll be looking for cutlery and dishes — but otherwise I don’t go looking into your personal belongings.

*(except chocolate or cookies… if there’s any lying about I might be tempted)


8. Do you sleep in my bed?

… that depends on if you have a squishy soft couch. I like those best. But I’ll sleep wherever you recommend and I’ll wash the bedding before you return.

9. Do you use or answer my phone?

… I don’t use your phone unless you ask me to (answer for a delivery or service)

10. Do you use my wifi internet?

… I don’t have to because I have an unlimited data pkg. on my phone, but if you don’t mind, it’s faster and more convenient if I do. I also prefer watching Netflix on my iPad (I have my own subscriptions) so a tv isn’t important.

11. Are you bondable?

… I was bonded years ago as a cashier, but when I looked into it recently it seems it’s for people who have employees, not single operators like myself.

12. Will my house insurance be valid?

… for one house that I sat for 6 weeks there were some questions that I had to answer and supply my birthdate etc., and it all worked out fine. I’ve read that home insurance is actually invalid if the house is empty for more than 2 weeks, so I guess it’s good to find these things out.

13. What kind of animals have you looked after?

… dogs, cats, fish, birds, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, turtles, chinchillas, bearded dragons, and the odd pig or cow running loose.


14. Will you give my pets their medicine or take them to the vet’s?

… of course. I also have experience with injecting insulin to diabetic cats and doing iv drips with those huge needles!

15. Will you clean my house while I’m gone?

… I have a love/hate relationship with vacuum cleaners, but the longer I stay, the more I clean! I’ve also been known to re-arrange linen closets, but that was only for a long-time friend who I knew would appreciate my organizational skills. If you have a cleaning service then I’ll be glad to let them do their thing and just touch-up whatever mess I make.

:: If you have a question that I haven’t answered, or you would like clarification on one, please feel free to ask in the comments or email me directly:



  Robert Abbenhuis wrote @

Are you available from June 13 to 30th
Can we meet before to see what you think of my cats and I get to meet you.

  Storme wrote @

Hi Robert, give me a call I can certainly meet you & your cats before you decide whether I’m the right sitter for what you need :)

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