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conscientious pet & house-sitting

Fees & FAQ’s

1. Where do you live?

… mainly downtown Vancouver, but I haven’t had a permanent address since 2007. All of my belongings are in storage and I’m working toward a somewhat minimalist lifestyle with just the things that I love or believe to be useful. (paraphrasing William Morris from over 125 years ago)

2. How much do you charge?

… either $40 or $50 per day depending on what’s involved (how many animals?) and where you live (close to downtown transit & stores? or do I have use of a car?) … Does your cat really hate the medication it needs every 12 hours? or do you have a puppy that has to go outside every 15 minutes or it pees all over the place?… well, that’ll cost ya. But everything’s negotiable, so let’s talk.

3. Do you require a deposit?

… yes, a 50% deposit will hold your dates, and the balance is appreciated on the day I start.

4. Do you stay in my house/apt. or take my dog/cat to your place?

… I stay in your place.

5. Will you travel to the Islands or out to the suburbs?

… I’m quite used to the BC Ferries schedule and the bus routes to the far reaches of the Lower Mainland, but I’d really like to get more bookings in the downtown area.


6. Do you have a car?

… no, but I have a valid BC driver’s license and have been a member of Modo the Car Co-op since 2004 + references from past clients who have left their cars for me to use.

7. Do you eat my food and look through my drawers?

… I’ll use perishables like milk (especially if you’re away for a week or more) but I’ll bring/buy my own food*. As for the drawers in the kitchen, I will probably open them because I’ll be looking for cutlery and dishes — but otherwise I don’t go looking into your personal belongings.

*(except chocolate or cookies… if there’s any lying about I might be tempted)


8. Do you sleep in my bed?

… that depends on if you have a squishy soft couch. I like those best. But I’ll sleep wherever you recommend and I’ll wash the bedding before you return.

9. Do you use or answer my phone?

… I don’t use your phone unless you ask me to (delete telemarketing messages from your mailbox, answer for a delivery or service) as I prefer using my cellphone.

10. Do you use my wifi internet?

… I don’t have to because I have a data pkg. on my phone, but if you don’t mind, it’s faster and more convenient if I do. I also prefer watching Netflix on my computer (I have a subscription) so a tv isn’t important.

11. Are you bondable?

… I was bonded years ago as a cashier, but when I looked into it recently it seems it’s for people who have employees, not single operators like myself.

12. Will my house insurance be valid?

… for one house that I sat for 6 weeks there were some questions that I had to answer and supply my birthdate etc., and it all worked out fine. I’ve read that home insurance is actually invalid if the house is empty for more than 2 weeks, so I guess it’s good to find these things out.

13. What kind of animals have you looked after?

… dogs, cats, fish, birds, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, turtles, chinchillas, bearded dragons, and the odd pig or cow running loose.


14. Will you give my pets their medicine or take them to the vet’s?

… of course. I also have experience with injecting insulin to diabetic cats and doing iv drips with those huge needles!

15. Will you clean my house while I’m gone?

… I have a love/hate relationship with vacuum cleaners, but the longer I stay, the more I clean! I’ve also been known to re-arrange linen closets, but that was only for a long-time friend who I knew would appreciate my organizational skills. If you have a cleaning service then I’ll be glad to let them do their thing and just touch-up whatever mess I make.

:: If you have a question that I haven’t answered, or you would like clarification on one, please feel free to ask in the comments or email me directly:



  Robert Abbenhuis wrote @

Are you available from June 13 to 30th
Can we meet before to see what you think of my cats and I get to meet you.

  Storme wrote @

Hi Robert, give me a call I can certainly meet you & your cats before you decide whether I’m the right sitter for what you need :)

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